Nathan Allton #73097
Wellinton, KS

This is his 6th season playing and 3rd in MPO!  Nate has been on Team DGoE and Team Millennium for 2 years now and is also a club member of the High5Crew! 

Favorite Discs : Sirius Scorp, Roc3, Teebird, Exp, and Mortar

"Out of sight, but never out of mind."

Eddie Wooters #55521
Pueblo/Co. Springs, CO

Throwing since '02, Eddie has been on Team Millennium for 5-6 years and is on his 2nd with Team DGoE!  He also heads up "Throw Colorado" and is a co-host of the YouTube show "The 19th Hole with Eddie and Mike"!

Favorite Discs:  Omega, QJ, "G4", Scorpius, Mortar

"If it isn't Millennium, it doesn't matter!"

Shane Sandberg #77878
Great Bend, KS

Only playing since 2015, Shane has already made a splash in the DG community!  He's a 2 year member of Team Trilogy and this is his 2nd year with Team DGoE!  He helped found the Great Bend Flyers DGC last year and knows his stuff when it comes to trilogy plastic!

Favorite Discs : Bio Enforcer

"Even a bad day on the disc golf course is a walk in the park" 

Darren Bottom #42345
Little River, KS

DB has been tossing plastic since 2002 and has been on Team Millennium the past 3 years and this is his first full year with Team DGoE!  He runs a club out of his hometown, but they play 5-6 courses throughout the central KS area weekly!  He's been busy so far in 2018, racking up 4-5 wins in his first 4-5 tournaments!  

Favorite Discs : Quasar, Scorp, Orion LS, Orion LF, Omega SS BB ..."pretty much all of them"

Carlos "Chaos" Oropeza #70358
San Diego, CA

Having only played for the last 4-5 years, but racking up 25+ aces, Carlos is locally known as, well, "the guy who aces everything!"  He's a big time MVP thrower and has even aced left-handed AND with a Macro Tesla!  Even though he's from the west coast Carlos travels all over the US playing in tournaments!

Ben Nispel #63174
Park City, KS

Playing for around 6 years, Ben has made some major impacts in the central KS disc golf scene!  Founder of the Wichita State DGC, as well as a board member of the Air Capital DGC, he's also been on Team Millennium for the last 2-3 years!  

Favorite Discs : DT Omegas, Mortars

Jake Lazzo #55989

He's been throwing since '06 and is on Team Hyzerbomb and this is his first year with Team DGoE!  

Favorite Discs : Sabot, Mortar, Boss

"Real G's move in silence, like lasagna."

Gabe Ochoa #89928
Austin, TX

Gabe picked up the game in 2005 when graduating from UT and has been a big part of ATX golf since!  He also travels all over playing in tournaments and won the MA2 division at the Las Vegas Challenge this year! He's a big time collector and big fan of the 10 year destroyers!

Dusty Nadeau / The Duke #56761
Las Vegas, NV

Dusty has been playing since 2013 and is a 3rd year member of Team Trilogy, 2nd year team member for I Fling Plastic, and this is his first year with Team DGoE!  He is also working with the NextGen Tour this year!

Favorite Discs : Enforcer, Felon, Judge

"Be the game changer and never stop dreaming!"